Advisory 38

Impact: High/Critical

TLP Rating: Clear

VMware Tools vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-34057 & CVE-2023-34058)

Release Date 30th of October 2023

CERT Vanuatu (CERTVU) and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) provide the following advisory.

On the 30th of October 2023, CERT Vanuatu received an advisory from its collaborating partner, Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) for a VMware Release Advisory for VMware Tools.

What is it?

VMware Tools contains 2 VMware Tools known CVEs. The 2 CVEs contain:

  • local privilege escalation vulnerability.
  • a SAML token signature bypass vulnerability. VMware has evaluated the severity of this issue to be in the important severity range.

 Attack Details

  • CVE-2023-34057 - a malicious actor with local user access to a guest virtual machine may elevate privileges within the virtual machine; and
  • CVE-2023-34058 – a malicious attacker that has been granted “guest operation privilege” in a target virtual machine (VM) may be able to elevate their privileges if that target virtual machine has been assigned a more privileged guest alias (Guest Account in a virtual machine).

Affected Versions



Running on

CVE Identifier


VMware Tools

12.x.x, 11.x.x, 10.3.x







VMware Tools

12.x.x, 11.x.x, 10.3.x







What should I do to Stay Safe?

 It is highly recommended that the users and administrators to apply patches to updated fixed versions. CVE-2023-34057 to update to fixed version 12.1.1 and CVE-2023-34058 to update to fixed version 12.3.5

VMware Tools 12.3.5 (windows)

Downloads and Documentation links below:

VMware Tools 12.1.1 (macOS)

Downloads and Documentation links below: