This page provides cyber security guides and awareness documents to all organizations and the general public. The guides generally address cyber security issues relating to an incident reported and/or important security guidelines on certain security vulnerabilities identified around the world by security researchers and professionals.

Secure your business website

Unsecure websites are vulnerable to attack. Keep your business and customer information safe by working through the steps on the checklist below.

Login Best Practice

Protecting your personal information/data starts with you taking simple security precautions, your priority should revolve around securing your personal information. One way in which cybercriminal may gain access to your personal data or information is by compromising your login credentials (usernames & passwords).

My 7 Best Practices on How to Stay Secure

Cybercriminals use sophisticated techniques to execute reconnaissance, probe and evade security defences, however we can prevent and avoid most cyber-attacks with these seven (7) basic security best practices and online cyber hygiene tips. These are:


CERT VU Traffic Light Protocol

The Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) was created to facilitate and encourage greater sharing of information. TLP is a set of labels used to classify sharing of sensitive (but unclassified) information and improve the flow of information between organizations, communities or individuals in a controlled and trusted way.

Public Wi-Fi Safety Considerations

Public Wi-Fi Safety Considerations to be considered when connecting.

Cyber security risk assessments for business

A cyber security risk assessment will help you understand both your business processes, and the systems and data it’s important to secure. Knowing your risks can help you prevent – or recover from – a cyber security incident.