Vanuatu National Data Protection & Privacy Policy

The Prime Minister’s Foreword

I am pleased to present to you Vanuatu’s National Data Protection and Privacy Policy 2023, a Policy that complements and strengthens our efforts outlined in the National Cyber Security Strategy of 2030. It creates the foundation of Vanuatu’s data protection and privacy law that will give effect to associated rights enshrined in the

Constitution and international instruments to which Vanuatu is a party thus, express the commitment of the State to ensure respect for, and the protection of, personal data and associated rights of individuals including the right to privacy.

The Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu (2006) (the “Constitution”), recognizes that “all persons are entitled” to a number of “fundamental rights and freedoms.” Such fundamental rights and freedoms can be adversely impacted by the use of personal data. Thus, the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu wishes to adopt legislative measures to help guide, protect and respect personal data, associated fundamental rights and freedoms and to ensure public trust in the use of personal data.

Moreover, it is crucial for citizens, businesses, and online platforms in Vanuatu operate and respect the basis set out in the Constitution” of Vanuatu (Chapter 2, Part 1 Section 5) – which recognizes that all persons are entitled to several “Fundamental Rights and Freedoms” as well as provides for the “Protection of the Privacy of the Home.” It means “Respect and Responsibility” must predominate online communication, mainly when communicating via emails, texts, pictures, website content, blog posts, comments, online forums, social media, and phone-based apps

I am calling on all stakeholders and citizens, including tourists traveling into Vanuatu, to prioritize and effectively collaborate with the Government of Vanuatu and respective authorities on this national Policy – a task and effort to make sure that all data generated and/or collected in Vanuatu must always be subjected to the laws and governance structures of Vanuatu and must not be used elsewhere without prior authorization from relevant authorities, for either a class of transfers or a particular transfer, or by law .