Protecting your personal information/data starts with you taking simple security precautions, your priority should revolve around securing your personal information. One way in which cybercriminal may gain access to your personal data or information is by compromising your login credentials (usernames & passwords).

A simple login credentials best practice focuses on how you manage your password to your different online account, for example social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your emails, work accounts and/or online banking accounts.

A "Password" is your first line of defence. All though they may be inconvenient but they are very important if you want to keep your information safe.

Here are few simple tips to help secure your computer related accounts.

Think about the consequence of your action online and enjoy surfing the internet with an active vigilant mind-set.

  1. Download Document (English): Login Credential Best Practice. (Awareness)
  2. Download Document (French): Meilleure pratique de justificatif d’identité de connexion. (Sensibilisation)
  3. Download Document (Bislama): Login Koneksen Bes Praktis (Awenes)